19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings

Accompanying persons program


Were your wife, husband or friend wishing to join you on the trip, we offer a rich program with daily activities for all accompanying persons.


3 half days of guided sightseeing in and around the marvelous city of Bologna!

With sublime architecture, outstanding cuisine, and rich culture, Bologna should be at the top of your list if planning a visit to Italy.

Bologna has the following three nicknames: “la dotta” means “the learned one” and is a nod to the historic University of Bologna, “la grassa” means “the fat one” and refers to the area’s amazing cuisine and excellent gastronomy, and “la rossa” means “the red one,” which signifies the uniform red coloring of local buildings and their roofs, as well as the red of local motor vehicle manufacturers Ferrari and Ducati.

Day 1 - the Classical Bologna We’ll get to see the city from a cultural and artistic standpoint, with its cathedral and awe-inspiring churches, its vast squares surrounded by seemingly never-ending arcades and its characteristic markets.

Day 2 – the Bologna of towers For a different perspective, this tour will guide us through the history of the thousands-of-years-old city, with a special focus on its famous medieval towers.

Day 3 – when Bologna was a little Venice On this last morning tour we’ll see the most picturesque side of the city: its hidden canals with the old port, the historical shops and market and much more.

The Art of Italian and Bolognese Cuisine

On Friday morning all accompanying guests will have the chance to join in on a high-level cooking class, revealing the tips and tricks to one of Italy’s richest and finest regional cuisines.


A rich social program for both guests and their companions

Accompanying people will be most welcome to join the congress participants on the rest of the activities we planned.

Tuesday evening An exclusive concertwill be held at 9pm in a private music hall.

Wednesday evening The luxurious Palazzo Gnudi will be the set of our gala dinner

Saturday guided tour of Ravenna will take everyone through the ancient wonders of the three-times empire capital: of the Western Roman Empire, of the Ostrogothic Kingdom and of the Byzantine Empire of Europe. Its monumental buildings and its world-famous mosaics will stay in your memories for a very long time.