19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings

Benchmark 2023

In this page Benchmark participants can obtain the settings for running the 2023 benchmark simulation.

The settings will be provided via a cloud folder whose connection can be requested to the e-mail address iceb.din@unibo.it by providing Surname, Name, Company and email address.

This registration is requested only in order to communicate with the benchmark participants any update or explanations: registration is free and the registration data will be used only to communicate updates and clarifications on the benchmark settings.

The benchmark 2023 is the following:



18 July 2023: Publication of the Benchmark simulation settings: The process parameters, the characterized material flow stress and the die geometries, will be available for download, together with 3D CAD files and flow stress raw data. Moreover, the file result_data_form_2023.xls for submitting simulation results will be available.

4 September 2023: Deadline for submission of the participant results (by means of the result_data_form_2023.xls) to the email adress iceb.din@unibo.it and (optional) submission of presentation of the results to be included in the proceedings (free style, .pdf format);

19 September 2023: Publication of the participant results and of the experimental results on conference proceedings;

20 September 2023: starting from 9.00am

· Presentation of experimental results by conference organizers (30 min);

· Presentation of simulation results, by authors (15 min each);

· Presentation of a summary of results comparison by conference organizers.