May 2023,


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Sponsorship opportunities


Develop and Enhance your Credibility - Increase your brand awareness. Being recognized as a sponsor will communicate value and support with the audience at the event. - Display your best innovative products - Create new professional relationships with other sponsors, vendors, speakers and delegates - Expand your distribution channels - Increase your visibility as a leader in high-tech solutions - Help find solutions to technical questions.


The right audience: highly qualified audience of engineers, researchers, extrusion managers, and decision makers
Proceedings, Website, Media: main sponsors will be listed in the Website of the congress with a hyperlink to company website and in the Events Proceedings, to be distributed to all Seminar delegates. A brief description will highlight each exhibitor’s product or service.
Literature table: Opportunity to leave brochures, business cards and sign-up sheets in the media corner. 

By choosing the right Sponsorship opportunities you will support your marketing objectives during the congress and you will add value to your participation in the Aluminium Two Thousand-ICEB World Congress.

Logo on the note pads distributed to all participants

€ 220,00     

Logo/Advertising banner on the Website

€ 280,00

Advertising Poster in the conference halls proximity (50x70)
(provided by sponsor)
€ 330,00
Coffee break sponsorship: sugar bags (bags provided by sponsor) € 350,00

Coffee break sponsorship table flags (flags provided by sponsor)

€ 350,00 

Coffee break sponsorship napkins (napkins provided by sponsor)

€ 350,00

Gadget into the conference bags

€ 370,00

Disposable glasses with company logo (glasses provided by sponsor)

€ 300,00

Logo on the Conference bags distributed to all participants

€ 390,00

Promotional article, 1 page, on Aluminium Extrusion Magazine Congress Edition

€ 445,00

Insertion of brochures into the conference bags distributed to all participants

€ 500,00

Advertising color page on the Proceedings (Abstract book, pen-drive USB)

€ 780,00

Logo and company name in e-newsletter sent before conference date
(about 1 per week to 15000 companies)

€ 450,00

Logo and company name on conference proceedings
on web site plus one free registration

€ 1700,00    

Logo on the Music Concert program (one sponsor)

€ 300,00

4 Roll up maximum in lunch hall (provided by sponsor)

€ 500,00
Logo and company name in the magazine Aluminium Extrusion and Finishing
online for 1 year (website Banner)
€ 800,00